Quest Velomobile Review (Electric Assisted)

There have been approximately 600 Quest velomobiles produced between the Netherlands and Canada since 2000.  Production started with a 20” wheel and has shifted to a 26” rear wheel.  There is also now an option to partially have the velomobile built out of carbon fiber.

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive for the Quest velomobile and any shortcomings are the result of a compromise between functionality and efficiency.  Thankfully, the Quest’s speed and efficiency have driven most decisions while the practicality of owning a velomobile for every day needs hasn’t been compromised.  Here are a few practical reviews of the Quest velomobile (without electric-assist motors):

“…its motion over rough surfaces is gentle and floating.  Its speed is remarkable – I reached 45Kmh in my first hundred metres without even trying.”

Tony Eastwood (source:

“Riding the Quest defied that experience. It will let you accelerate at an ease that seems almost unreal.”

Josef Janning (source:

Quest Spec Review

Note: All Velomobile reviews include the electric assist motor and battery, which adds 27.5 lbs (12.5 kg) and approximately $4,150.

To be added….

…but in the meantime, check out my favorite Quest velomobile review:


One Response to Quest Velomobile Review (Electric Assisted)

  1. Jack says:

    This is not a review, just a short silent video!

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